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Heirloom Stories™  



telephone interview


200-800 word story


telephone review with teller


rewrite if necessary


delivery of story by e-mail, fax, or postal mail

For an appointment, call 
(858) 273-1111, or e-mail Rick@HeirloomStories.com


$95 per story (to 1000 words) Most stories are under 1000 words.


$145 per double story (1000 to 1500 words)


$195 per triple story (1500-2000 words)


Distribution Services


First copy of story sent to you by e-mail, fax, or postal mail

No Charge


You can distribute your stories to you family or friends, or we can do it for you.

E-mail distribution to your list

   Initial set-up (includes 
          Web page set-up)

(Free if we write at least one story per month)

   Per distribution

.02 per address, $20 minimum. (Free if we write at least one story per month)


FAX distribution to your list

   Initial set- up


   Per distribution

.25 per fax number, $15 minimum. When a receiving fax is not working, we try twice more before giving up


Postal mail distribution to your list

$2 per address


Web services


Initial set-up of Web page
    (Includes e-mail newsletter)

$35 (Free if we write at least one story per month)

Web hosting and maintenance

$2 per month paid annually. (Free if we write at least one story per month)


Newsletter Special

Write at least one story with us per month, and we will:


Distribute them by e-mail for free.


Set-up your Heirloom Stories™ Web page for free (or credit your account if you paid for one).


Maintain your Web page for free.


Your only cost is $95 per story we write. (Rarely, stories are double or triple length. We charge a very fair premium for these longer stories.)


Other services

Writing non-Heirloom Stories™

$1 per word or $45 per hour

Special projects, editing, or paper book production

$45 per hour


Book Publishing

After writing several dozen stories, you may want them published as a book.

The easiest and fastest book would be to photocopy your pages into a booklet at a copy shop.

We can also have your stories published as a commercial quality book. Cost per book varies widely depending mostly on the number of books you'll need. We can discuss the options when you're ready to publish.


Let us write, distribute, and Web-publish your stories.


Start your memoirs today!

Call (858) 273-1111 or e-mail



Your stories do a lot of good


Storytelling makes you feel great. Feeling great improves your health, happiness, and longevity.

Your listeners enjoy your stories. They may not realize it, but they're learning your life's lessons.

Your stories do a lot of good. Let Heirloom Stories™ multiply their effect.

How? We get your stories to a lot more people...and generations.


What we do


We turn your stories into first-person articles called Heirloom Stories™. We give you and your descendants a license to make copies and distribute them to friends and family. Your family members will keep your Heirloom Stories™ alive for centuries.


We can distribute your Heirloom Stories™ for you by e-mail, fax, or postal mail. 


We can create an Heirloom Stories™ newsletter for you. We do the work from telephone interviews to book publication, if you desire it.


We can build a Web page for your Heirloom Stories™ and maintain it for only $2 per month...or free, if we write your stories regularly.


We can publish your Heirloom Stories in book form and list it in "Books in Print." It will be available from any bookstore in the world, including Amazon.


It's good to be regular

We recommend elders write at least one story a month for its health and mood benefits. You'll love the feeling you get when you see your stories in print or give them to friends and family.

If you let us write them for you, we can give you e-mail distribution and Web page services for free. Your stories can become your On-line Book and newsletter...for free.

Your free Web page is your book-in-progress. We write, publish and maintain it. Visitors to your page can read your book and sign up for your "New Story Newsletter."

Take advantage of our free services by writing at least one story with us per month.


Heirloom Stories™ Special Pricing

Because author Rick Kamen specializes in Heirloom Stories™, we offer bargain writing fees for them.

Rick's normal rates are reasonable at $45 per hour or $1 per word, yet he charges only $95 for Heirloom Stories™, typically between 200 and 800 words long.

Rarely, stories are longer than 1000 words. We charge a slight premium for these longer stories. If you never want to pay more than $95 for a story, let us know and we can split longer stories into ones that are under 1000 words.


Why so reasonable?

Rick doesn't charge full writing fees for Heirloom Stories™ because your stories help him write books. Your stories may be included in his upcoming books or articles.

If he uses one or more of your stories in a book, he will send you a copy of the book for free.


Working with us

Author Rick Kamen interviews by telephone. We pay for the calls.

We require $95 to start writing stories. We can charge it to your credit card if you like. That will pay for your last story.

When Rick finishes your story, usually within a week, he will send it to you. If you suggest changes, he will make them and send you the revised story. People with e-mail or fax machines get to see their stories several days quicker. (Hint, hint!)

When you pay for the story, you receive a license for you and your descendants to make  an unlimited number of copies of it for family and friends.

In order to keep track of payments better, we charge $95.01 for the first story, $95.02 for the second, etc.


Your own Heirloom Stories™ Web page

We can publish your stories on the Internet like Bert's at http://HeirloomStories.com/bph 

Your page may have 


a biographical section


a picture of you if you provide one we can use legally


a table of contents


all the Heirloom Stories™ you choose to make public


a "contact me" link for visitors to send you messages


a registration box for visitors who wish to receive your "New Stories Newsletter."

We set up your page for $35, and maintain it for only $2 per month, paid annually.

It's your on-line book of memoirs. It's available to anyone with internet access, anywhere in the world...for free.

We recommend that you get business cards printed with your Web page address on them. Giving them to friends is like giving them a copy of your book...for free.

The Heirloom Stories Web site is regularly visited by search engines. Within a few months, the engines will find your page on this site and list it in their databases. When people search for your name, they should find your Book Page.

If you write at least one Heirloom Story a month, we'll set up your Web page and maintain it for free! 
- And give you a NewStory Newsletter for instant e-mail distribution of your latest stories to an unlimited number of your friends and family members.


Newsletter Special

You have the fun, we do the work.

If you allow us to write at least one story per month, we can set up a newsletter for you that your friends and family can subscribe to for free. Within hours of you approving a new story, they'll get a copy of it by e-mail.

Just before we e-mail your latest story to the newsletter subscribers, we post it to your website.

As long as you remain an active newsletter storyteller (at least once per month), we maintain your Web page for free.

Take advantage of the Newsletter Special by writing at least one story per month with us.


Author Rick Kamen specializes in 
Heirloom Stories™ 

Rick writes Heirloom Stories™ the way they're told: short, personal, and ending with a twist, usually a laugh.

Let Rick turn your life stories into Heirloom Stories™. Your descendants will enjoy them for centuries.

What are Heirloom Stories™?
Read a sample story here or here.


Get started writing your stories today!

Call Rick  at (858) 273-1111
or e-mail him at Rick@HeirloomStories.com



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