Senior health improves with storytelling.



The original senior health activity: Storytelling 

Elders are storytellers in all traditional societies. It helps the societies and the seniors.

A Visit to the Senior Health Specialist


The senior health specialist greets his new patient with the question "Would you like to be healthier?"

"Of course," the patient replies.

"Why?" he asks.


Is he Rude or Right?

The senior health specialist's question probes into the foundation of health: 

We can't maintain health without reasons to be healthy.

What are your answers to the "Why" question?

They are activities that bring enjoyment. I hope you can make a long list of them. Making the list the most important step in improving your health.

How do you get healthy enough to do the things on your list? 

Don't wait until you're healthy. Just do them to the extent you can, safely.  Doing the activities improves health.

Improved Senior Health

All the relatives came to Jack Kamen's 84th birthday party. Why? No one thought he'd have another birthday. 

He had been spending most of his time in bed because of his health problems.

A few months later, his son, Rick, asked him for stories from his childhood. "Let's write them up for the grandkids," he said.

Rick knew the grandkids would like the stories, but he primarily wanted his father to have a traditional storytelling role for it's senior health-giving properties.

Even Rick was surprised by how quickly it worked. Within seconds, Jack's voice became animated, sounding years younger.

When Jack received the written stories, he folded them to fit his jacket pocket. He took them everywhere...and made everyone read them: waiters, bank tellers, sales clerks. Even people at neighboring restaurant tables.

At first, he made them read his stories. Soon, they were asking for the latest ones. Eventually, complete strangers were asking for them.

Jack's monthly blood tests showed deterioration of kidney function until the start of the storytelling project. The next test showed improved function. His doctor hasn't mentioned dialysis since.

Jack is healthier at 88 than he was at 84. His birthday parties don't draw nearly as large of a crowd these days. 


We need your stories

Not only is storytelling an excellent senior health activity, the stories teach readers how to think like the storyteller. They transfer wisdom.

Your stories can do a lot of good. But like the gambler's cards, they're worthless if you don't show them.

We'd like to help you show them.


Free Book

To trigger your memory and demonstrate an effective story-writing style, we'd like to send you our book, Heirloom Stories from the Harnessmaker's Son...for free. 

We'll e-mail you one story from Harnessmaker's Son every month. You can read the entire book for free; no strings attached.

Why are we doing this? We think you'll enjoy the stories so much, you'll want an autographed copy of the book. We're also betting you'll order several copies as gifts.

Sign up for the free book at the bottom of a sample story page.

We hope the stories will motivate you to write one of your stories every month as well.

If you do, you may be sending us a senior health story similar to Jack's.


Buy it now for
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Why does this work?

The enjoyment of the activity creates happiness. Happiness brings health.

As you regain your health, you can participate more fully in your activities. That makes you even happier and healthier, producing a positive health spiral

Enjoyable activities are essential for senior health. Participate in as many as you can, as often as you can.

Make sure to do at least one enjoyable activity a day. Why? So you'll have a reason to get out of bed every morning.


What if you are so limited you can't participate in any enjoyable activities?

If that were true, you'd be in danger of going into a negative health spiral. Lack of enjoyment hurts health. Bad health limits enjoyable activities.

The good news is that there is one activity that people of all abilities can enjoy...and the older you get, the better you are at it. It's an activity that should be on every senior's "Why" list.


Storytelling: seniors need it for health

Seniors have always enjoyed storytelling. That's what seniors are most valued for in traditional societies. Their stories transfer the wisdom of their lifetimes and culture. That's never been needed anywhere or anytime more than it is today.

Your stories can do a lot of good, but they won't help anyone if you don't tell them. Do it for the enjoyment and the benefits it gives to your listeners. It will pay you back in happiness and health.

Does it work? Read the article to the left, under the "Improved Senior Health" heading. Find out how Jack Kamen's health turned around after he started storytelling. It can work for you, too.


Reclaim your traditional role

A few generations ago, elders naturally transferred their wisdom during daily living with their families. These days, the best way to reach them, and future generations, is by telephone or in writing.

Your stories are essential to your family's Chain of Wisdom. Interest your grandchildren in the "old days" and they'll hunger for your stories. It's easy when you follow our Recipe for COW.

While we naturally turn into storytellers as we age, writing isn't natural for many of us. Heirloom Stories™ can help you turn your verbal stories into written ones.


Don't read our book!

Heirloom Stories from the Harnessmaker's Son was written to trigger memories of your similar stories. When it does, you'll feel good. You'll want to continue reading, but don't.

Put the book down and write the story you just remembered, or at least a few notes. The book won't go anywhere, but your memories will, unless you write them down.

Expand the notes into stories later, or call us, and we can do it for you.


Let us write your stories

Author Rick Kamen, Heirloom Stories™ specialist, wants your stories! He'll write them professionally, in a form that your grandchildren will cherish.

We especially recommend photocopying your stories and giving them to all your relatives. Your descendants will keep your stories alive for centuries. They're carrying your genes into the future. Let them carry your thoughts as well.

We recommend that you write at least one story a month. If you allow us to do it for you, we'll create a Web page where visitors can read your "book-in-progress." At your Web page, visitors can sign up for your New Story Newsletter, which we'll write and distribute...all for free.

Find out about the Heirloom Stories™ writing services by clicking baby Jack's bottom.

Click baby Jack's 1913 butt to learn more about our writing services.


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