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Family Values, Naturally

Learning family values was natural for those who grew up with their elders.

Unfortunately, that's rare now. Modern lifestyles separate children from elders...and their wisdom.

The elder-child connection was each generation's link in the "Chain of Wisdom." It transferred family values from elders and their ancient cultures to youth and future generations.

Children used to enter adulthood with the tools they needed. Now, they often feel lost. They need the information that elders want to give them...naturally.


Family Values Stories

Elders teach family values through stories in all societies...except ours.

In Harnessmaker's Son, master storyteller Jack Kamen tells stories your grandfather might have told you.

Your kids will love learning about the old days from dozens of short, funny stories as they absorb family values.


Grandpa Jack...

was born in 1913 above his father's harness shop in Brownsville, a Yiddish-speaking section of Brooklyn. He brings that lost world to life in this humorous, heartwarming, historical collection of family-value stories with universal appeal. 


Thinking Family Values

Magic happens when elders tell their oldest stories. The stories weave elder wisdom into situations that children understand.

Listeners enjoy the simple stories without realizing they're absorbing the elder's wisdom and values.

Children need this information so much, humanity developed a stage of life for giving it to them. As we age, our abilities  may decline in many areas, but we become excellent storytellers.

Elders love telling stories, and children love to listen. Why? They're learning to think like the elder, as the elder enjoys doing what he's best at. It's the original head start program for children, and senior health activity for elders.

Let us show you examples of family-values stories from our book, Harnessmaker's Son. Your family has stories a lot like these. While the stories earned excellent reviews, their greatest assets are in their values.


"It's a good thing you can't smell that sheepskin," Jack warns. "Every baby in Brownsville was photographed on it."

Click baby Jack's 1913 butt for a family values. story.


Jack bares all as he reveals secrets of the Enchanted Outhouse, the Mysterious Yeshiva Fire, and the Great Thanksgiving Fraud.

Learn why Jack was in the Oval Office one month and jail the next...why Uncle Youssel sold his soul...and how Jack saved his hide when the Manhater's Club discovered him eavesdropping.

Jack's greatest secret--his formula for health, happiness, and longevity--is hidden in every story. It's his attitude, and it's contagious.

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Emotional Vitamin Pills in Print

Elders are experts at handling what life presents to them. Their stories teach listeners how to do it too.

Kids need stories like these, no matter whose elder they get them from. Children who grow up with elder-stories often feel more directed and confident as young adults.

Harnessmaker's Son not only provides dozens of family-values-packed stories, it opens the door for more.

Use our recipe for COW to strengthen your family's Chain of Wisdom. It shows how your children's interest in the old days can trigger your elder's memory of them. 


Read Harnessmaker's Son for Free

Read the sample stories "Three Words" and "An Important Man." 

If you agree they teach important family values, we'd like to send you one story from the book every month. You can read the entire book for strings attached.

Why are we doing this? We believe you'll enjoy the stories so much, you'll buy several copies as gifts before we send you all 43 chapters.

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"These stories will have you laughing out loud...Highly recommended as a gift for elders, teachers (any grade), anyone interested in history or families, your children, or for yourself!" 
Dr. Kathleen E. Kain, Ph.D., Columbia, SC



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