Jack Kamen was born in 1913 above his father's harness shop in Brownsville, a Yiddish-speaking section of Brooklyn. He brings that lost world to life in this humorous, heartwarming, historical collection of family stories with universal appeal. 


Jack bares all as he reveals secrets of the Enchanted Outhouse, the Mysterious Yeshiva Fire, and the Great Thanksgiving Fraud.

Learn why Jack was in the Oval Office one month and jail the next...why Uncle Youssel sold his soul...and how Jack saved his hide when the Manhater's Club discovered him eavesdropping.

Jack's greatest secret--his formula for health, happiness, and longevity--is hidden in every story. It's his attitude, and it's contagious.

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Strengthening your Chain of Wisdom


Spark your children's interest in the "old days" as you trigger your elders' memories of them. Storytelling will produce a strong link in your family's Chain of Wisdom.

The kids will realize how cool their elders are; the elders will experience renewed energy, health, and mood. The most important benefit may be that the kids will start thinking like elders.

They'll absorb their elders' life-lessons and cultural values...like we did in the old days.


The recipe:

  1. Get a telephone with a built-in tape recorder. (They're usually combined with a speaker phone, auto-dialer, and answering machine as well.) Make sure you can record without a beep tone.
  2. Give a copy of Harnessmaker's Son to your elders. They'll love reading it because it will remind them of their similar stories.
  3. Give a copy of the book to your kids. They'll love reading it because children have a natural hunger for stories like this, or this one.
  4. Mention to your kids that their grandparents have similar stories, but better because they are about their relatives.
  5. Help them compose questions for their grandparents, like:

    Did you ever drive a Model T?


    What was it like to hear a radio for the first time?


    What country did your parents come from? Why?


    What kind of work did your father do?


    How many hours a day did he work?


    What kinds of toys did you have?


    What did you do with your friends?


    What kinds of trouble did you get into?


    How much did it cost to go to the movies when you were my age?


    What kinds of foods did your mother cook?


    Did you have a TV? Really?


    Did you get presents for your birthday? Cakes? Parties? Cards?


    What was the last thing you used the Sears Catalog for?

  6. Call up the old folks, press the record button, (your laws may require you to announce that you're recording) and let the kids ask their questions. The kids will act like they found an unlocked candy store. Your folks will feel decades younger. And the door will be open for more stories and questions in the coming weeks. Keep a stack of blank tapes near the recorder. Calls may happen at any time.
  7. Call at least once a week for stories from the old days. There will always be more stories and questions than you have time for.
  8. Recording stories is a good temporary measure, but recordings get lost, or deteriorate with time. Decades from now, tape recorders may be hard to find. Transfer the stories to paper.
  9. Save the written stories for your kids to give to their kids. They'll be in your family for centuries.


"We taped the conversation (with my parents) and Marsha is going to transcribe it. Thanks for the inspiration." -- Tim Lashlee, J.D., CTLashlee@aol.com


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