Jack Kamen, was born in 1913 above his father's harness shop in a Yiddish-speaking section of Brooklyn.

In Harnessmaker's Son, Jack weaves his secret for health, happiness, and longevity into dozens of humorous, heartwarming, true stories of life in the early 1900s. 

What's the secret? It's his attitude, and it's contagious!

Read it, catch it, pass it on.

The Coat   


"Donít ever call after nine," Herman told his friends.

My wifeís uncle Herman, the youngest child in his family, continued to live with his mother and take care of her in her old age. He usually went out with friends in the evenings; she went to sleep early.

One night, the phone rang after eleven. "Hello, is Herman there?" came a drunken bellow.

"No, Hermanís not here," Mrs. Silverberg replied. "And please donít call this late again."

"Well, Herman has my coat." the man slurred emphatically.

"I donít know anything about a coat. Youíll have to talk to Herman about that."

"I loaned him my coat and I want it back." came the angry response.

"Herman has his own coat, he doesnít need yours. Please donít call back."

"I need my coat, what should I do?" he pleaded.

"Iíll tell you what you can do. Go to hell. Itís hot there. You wonít need a coat."


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