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Heirloom Stories from the Harnessmaker's Son, tales your grandfather might have told you.

Jack Kamen was born in 1913 above his father's harness shop in Brownsville, a Yiddish-speaking section of Brooklyn. He brings that lost world to life in this humorous, heartwarming, historical collection of family stories with universal appeal. 

Brooklyn, New York, 1913

Jack bares all as he reveals secrets of the Enchanted Outhouse, the Mysterious Yeshiva Fire, and the Great Thanksgiving Fraud.

Learn why Jack was in the Oval Office one month and jail the next ... why Uncle Youssel sold his soul ... and how Jack saved his hide when the Manhater's Club discovered him eavesdropping.

Jack's greatest secret--his formula for health, happiness, and longevity--is hidden in every story. It's his attitude, and it's contagious.

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"These stories will have you laughing out loud...Highly recommended as a gift for elders, teachers (any grade), anyone interested in history or families, your children, or for yourself!" - Dr. Kathleen E. Kain, Ph.D., Columbia, SC (drkain@sciencespiders.com)

"The stories showcase both his skill with words and his sense of irony and humor." - Robert Goodman, San Diego, CA (editor@Silvercat.com)

"I read it cover to cover in one sitting. It was amusing and fascinating." - Ray Horncastle, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Just put down the book at page 98 to say THANKS" - Irv Trachtenberg, Portland, Oregon

"A wonderful dose of realism and humor...every chapter/story ends with a belly-laugh!" Joe Vecchio, former president of Laughmasters, San Diego, CA (jv333@yahoo.com)


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"We invite you to use the book as a tool, a gift, a model, or read it for pure enjoyment. Family stories work on many levels to give each listener or reader what they need." - Rick Kamen, The Harnessmaker's Grandson, author of Heirloom Stories from the Harnessmaker's Son.



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