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Whenever I look in a mirror, I'm always surprised that this young man isn't looking back at me. This is what I looked like when I was 27.

While my body  may not remember how to be that age, I still remember all my stories from back then and beyond. As soon as we finish writing a story, we'll post it on this page.

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Enjoy my Heirloom Stories

I have been writing my memoirs with a professional author, Rick Kamen.

The stories we've completed so far are published on this page as an on-line book. I hope you enjoy them.

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Rick Kamen, writes Heirloom Stories™ for elders and their descendants. He may be reached at (858) 273-1111 or accessed via the Web site http://HeirloomStories.com 

Table of Contents



Moving to the Moose Mountains

Grandfather Knows Best

Going West

War and Peace

The Hard Life

Teamster Without a Card

Water is Where You Find it

Who Needs Electricity?

We Need Electricity!

Winter Warmth

Winter Travel 

School Days

The High Cost of Education

Medical Decisions

It Can't Buy Happiness

Learning Manners

A Fine Spring Day

Starving Student

Night Shift

Hazardous Duty

Street Smarts

The Prize

From Winnipeg to Whittier

It’s Just Practice


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Rick writes Heirloom Stories™ the way elders tell them: short, in the first person, and ending with a twist, usually a laugh.

Let Rick Kamen turn your telephone-interviewed memories into written Heirloom Stories™. Your descendants will enjoy them, and you, for centuries.

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