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Heirloom Stories

Rick writes Heirloom Stories the way they're told: short, personal, and ending with a twist, usually a laugh.

Let Rick turn your life stories into Heirloom Stories. Your descendants will enjoy them for centuries.

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Would you like to write stories for elders?

Writing elder stories is fun and rewarding. The most difficult part of it is finding clients.

I've put so much work into developing a demand for Heirloom Stories, that I sometimes have too many people who want me to interview them and write their stories.

Often, they can wait until I have time for them. Sometimes, they'd rather not. When that happens, I refer them to other authors.

If you'd like to be one of my referral authors, please contact me and write a few paragraphs explaining why you think you'd be good at this kind of work. Include a sample of a similar story you've written if you can.

If I refer a client to you, you will work with the client independently of me and Heirloom Stories. Your methods, policies, and charges will be completely up to you. You won't let the client think you are an employee or representative of Heirloom Stories. You won't call the stories you write, "Heirloom Stories." I own the service mark on that name.

Within 24 hours of collecting any payment from a referred client, you agree to send 10% of it to me. I provide a payment site where you can authorize a charge to your credit card.

The 10% commission applies even if the client contacts you years later and asks for writing services. If the client refers other clients to you, you don't have to send me commissions on the new clients.

I send the best authors the most referrals. I determine the best authors in two ways. The first is by the amount they remit in commissions. The second is feedback from their clients. I stay in touch with referred clients.

If a client tells me they're not happy with an author, I may refer them to another. If I find commissions have not been paid promptly or another part of the agreement has been violated, I'll stop sending referrals and may encourage my current referrals to switch authors.

I'm never sure when a journalist will do a story on Heirloom Stories and generate dozens of clients. When that happens, I'll get in touch with referral authors who've submitted requests for clients, and see if they're still interested. I usually start new authors out with one client and monitor their success.

Hopefully, you'll be available when I have extra clients. I'd love to eventually supply as many clients as you can handle.


Rick Kamen




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