Jack Kamen, The Harnessmaker’s Son

you had a book

written by your grandfather’s grandfather.

It’s filled with his oldest and favorite family stories – the kind elders used to tell before TV was invented. He knew he wouldn’t be able to tell them to you in person, so he sent them to you this way.

Some of the stories make you laugh, others make you cry, but they all make you smile as they demonstrate what your ancestor thought was important.

As you read the book, you get to know him. You take on some of his values, attitudes, and beliefs. You carry them into the future, acting a little like his higher self – making life better for everyone around you.

The stories become part of your history. You’re proud of them, and think of them as happening to you in your your larger life – one that includes you, your ancestors, and your descendants. You feel more connected to history, the future, your people, and humanity.

I’m sorry you don’t have a book like that.

– But I’m glad I can create them for your descendants.